Cammino di San Francesco Caracciolo - 11 edizione

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È deceduto padre Amedeo Di Carlo

La famiglia caracciolina è in lutto per la scomparsa di p. Amedeo Di Carlo (1925 - 2018) che è venuto mancare stamattina del 23 aprile 2018. Tenace, nonostante i suoi 93 anni è mancato improvvisamente all’affetto dei suoi cari, lasciando un vuoto difficile da colmare sopratt... Dettagli »

È deceduto p. Ettore Di Nardo

Profondamente rattristati, si comunica della morte del nostro caro confratello P. Ettore Di Nardo, avvenuta il 5 gennaio, alle ore 16.48,  anniversario della sua professione solenne, all'età di 87 anni. I funerali avranno luogo il 19 gennaio alle ore 10,00 nella chiesa St. Joseph Lodi, New ... Dettagli »


“Il Signore disse ad Abramo: ‘Vattene dalla tua terra e dalla tua parentela e dalla casa di tuo padre verso la terra che io ti mostrerò’ “. (Gen. 12, 1). Queste sono le parole che sono state sempre presenti nel mio cuore durante il procedimento per ottenere il Visto per gli USA, sino a... Dettagli »

A Message from the Superior of the Delegation

On our General Dieta in Rome in July last year, we have approved the Delegation status of the different continent of the Order. Now we have the Delegations from Germany and India, United States and Philippines, Africa and Italy. This will help in an over all administration and care of the different region where our ... Dettagli »

The Great Mystery of Joy

The other day as I was meditating on the mystery of the Annunciation while I was praying the Rosary, I began to think of how Mary must have felt during those moments before the Word took on flesh in her womb. Mary’s initial reaction, Luke tells us, was one of fear. Because of her humility, she was troubled at the a... Dettagli »

Viva San Giuseppe!

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony (Ps 133:1). That is the feeling I have when I look back at my past 2 years at St. Joseph Parish, Lodi. My entry into this parish was on the day before the feast of St. Joseph (Labour Day 2013). From then on until today, I am experiencing the providen... Dettagli »

Forming Priests for the future of the Church after His own Heart

The Adorno Fathers have been present in the Archdiocese of Lipa Batangas, Philippines, for almost two years. This task has not been easy, but neither impossible, to begin in simple ways the work entrusted to them to evangelize for the glory of God. The Adorno Fathers of Lipa therefore strive to contribute in simple ways ... Dettagli »

St. Michael’s House of Studies In Retrospect…

In the three years I have been Superior of our religious community in Ramsey, a lot has happened in the life of each member and in the life of the community as a whole. It has been less than two years since Fr. Hector’s bypass surgery took place and through therapy sessions and numerous doctor visitations, he ... Dettagli »

From the Novice Master in Philippines

I cannot believe that it is already several months since I began my new assignment at the Adorno Fathers House of Formation in Vinzons, Camarines Norte, in the Philippines. I am part of a formation team that includes Rev. Melvin Avilla, CRM, the local superior, and Rev. Arman Hagos, CRM. I am pleased to write that things... Dettagli »

Adorno Fathers’ New House in Sumter

On August 1, 2015 The Adorno Fathers opened a new Religious House in Sumter SC. The new house under the Name of “The Catholic Community of Sumter” was instituted by the Diocese of Charleston the 30th of May 2010 and formed by the former parishes of St. Anne and of St. Jude.
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JORS- New Priests, New Challenges

August 1, 2015 was the official date of our new assignment. Jesus Our Risen Savior Parish is blessed with three Priests, myself, the new pastor, Fr. Binil Attapattu, CRM and Fr. Gio Nunez, CRM, the parochial vicars. Adorno priests are known for their unity in community life. Getting acclimated with each other is not... Dettagli »

“The Joy of the Gospel” - US-Philippines Delegation Retreat 2015

Somehow we found joy in driving for more than five hundred miles to Maryland on August 3, 2015. We woke up early in the morning, hit the road and listened to good old Filipino Music Fr. Ed plugged into the car stereo. It was not the best beginning of a long drive up to Maryland where our retreat was held until we were gr... Dettagli »

In Prayerful Remembrance of Fr. Americo

December 3, 2015 – SALVI, The Reverend Americo, C.R.M. 84, an Adorno Father at St. Joseph’s R.C. Church in Lodi passed away into the loving arms of Jesus on Saturday, November 21, 2015. Born in Italy on April 8, 1931 to the late Antonio and Virginia Salvi. Father Americo was a graduate of the Gregorian U... Dettagli »