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Accompaniment through Discernment

November 23, 2018

Peace be with you! I hope that this past month of October brought much goodness and richness to your lives. During this time, I feel that God is teaching me the art of dialogue through listening more than speaking.  I am reminded of the words of Saint Paul, there is always a time for everything.  I thank God for the ongoing opportunity to know you and to see how God is working in your lives. 

During this time, I ask you to help me to pray for the spirit of being open to the Holy Spirit.  Of course, these prayers are not only for me, but for everyone who will become part of this discernment.  I ask you to participate with me in praying every day for the inspiration to know where God wants to lead us in these next six years. We also pray for St. Michael the Archangel’s intercession to protect our Order from the assaults of evil that might occur from within and outside the Order.  

Saint John Paul II once wrote, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.” As religious, we need to continually enkindle within us the joy of saying “yes” to the Lord.  Our vocation to the Clerics Regular Minor is a gift of God that needs to be continually fostered.  In order to appreciate this reality, we need to develop within ourselves a good sense of discernment.  For this reason, I have asked all the Superiors of our delegations in the month of January to come to Rome for a workshop.  This workshop will give us the opportunity to be together so as share our ideas, ministries and inputs.   We will discern, pray and listen together to perceive the very will of God. We are in the process of putting together this program.  The theme of our workshop is “Accompaniment through Discernment.” The Biblical theme that inspired me is the Road to Emmaus (cf. Luke 24:13-35).  We need to rediscover our Identity and find out how well we truly understand our charism and our history that will inspire us in this life.  Secondly, we will evaluate our ministry and our existence in this world today and to our Church.  Are we still living and responding to the needs of our community and our ministry? Do we make a difference? Lastly, we will ask the question, Where are we  going from here?  What do we need to stop and what do we need to continue.  Include in your communal and private prayers God’s blessings for the success of this endeavor.  I am very confident that the holy founders and our brother priests who have gone before us will continue to pray and inspire us with their intercession.

I greet the following celebrants during this month of Month of November:


P. Elgin Madickankal – 29-11-1986

P. Franco Palmieri – 18-11-1938

P. Jason Caganap – 26-11-1976

P. Nicola Capetola – 01-11-1936

Fra Pacifique Bahidika – 22-11-1977

P. Shinto Valimmalayil – 15-11-1986

P. Subin Punnackal – 11-11-1982


P. Ermete Aceto – 15-11-1971

P. Quintino Spadaccini – 09-11-1960

P. Raffaele Mandolesi – 15-11-1971

P. Franco Filosi – 30-11-1950

P. Virginio Palombi – 24-11-1960

P. Fernando Taddei – 15-11-1945


P. Benjamin Mburano Kandandi – 01-11-2015

P. Dismas Bahati Rwitare – 01-11-15

P. Julien Zihindula Ramazani – 01-11-2015

P. Achille Rondinara – 13-11-1920

P. Vincenzo Lucarini – 08-11-1931


Fra. Harvey Bermudez – 05-11-1994

We pray for our deceased confreres… God bless you all,

Fr. Ted, CRM