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Three New Adorno Fathers Ordained in Kerala is a T

Three New Adorno Fathers Ordained in Kerala is a Testament to Family and Faith

Palai Diocese, April 15 - The Adorno Fathers celebrated a momentous occasion today in Kerala as three new priests were ordained in the Syro-Malabar rite, concluding three days of ordinations across local parishes. The ordinations of Brothers Aby, Ajo, and Jaimon not only mark a joyful event but also underscore the community’s role in fostering vocations that contribute to the Church worldwide.

The ordination ceremonies took place in their home parishes, a deliberate choice to honor and thank the communities that nurtured their callings. This local celebration highlights the Church’s vision of family-centered faith life, where vocations to the Adorno Fathers are a gift of service to the broader church.

The new priests come from modest backgrounds, deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition. Despite the lure of opportunities abroad, these young men chose to join the Adorno Fathers to dedicate their lives to the Church, embodying the simplicity and humility of the Order. Their families, many of whom include religious members themselves, played a significant role in their spiritual formation. One of them Fr. Jaimon was from the family of our late Fr. Augustine Vadakkedam, CRM who was with us at the beginning of the foundation of the Order in India.

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The impact of migration and the pursuit of more affluent lifestyles have posed challenges and set-backs to fostering such vocations. Today, Kerala is not the same as it was years ago. This region was once a center and factory for vocations.  Today there are challenges with the present generational change of lifestyle. Yet, the commitment of these new priests stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and relevance of a life dedicated to spiritual and community service.

The Adorno Fathers have a long history in India that stretches back to almost 30 years. This mission was initiated by Fr. Mario Salon the then Superior General who brought the Order here, and sustained by the dedication of figures like Fathers Peter Paul, Charles Di Angelis, who first came to India to see the possibility of the Adorno establishment and Fr. John Paul Gasparini, who significantly shaped the mission’s success in the region. Their efforts, along with those of Fr. Giulio Capetola and Fr. Thomas Barbona among others, have been crucial in realizing the growth and sustained impact of the Order in India.

As these new priests begin their journey, they carry forward the legacy of service and fidelity embodied by the Order. Reflecting on this, we recall the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” This message of humble service resonates profoundly with today’s celebration, reminding us that faithfulness in small duties is itself a path to holiness. I believe these words are fitting and evident in the little contributions and many sacrifices of Indian Adorno Fathers both in Indian and abroad who are working for the sustenance of this mission.

Today, as the Adorno Fathers welcome our confrers, Fathers Aby, Ajo, and Jaimon into the priesthood, the entire Order along with their local church community rejoices in their commitment to a life of service and fidelity towards the task put forth ahead of them. The future shines bright for these new members of the Order, whose paths are paved with the prayers and support of their families and the Adorno Fathers worldwide.

Father Ted  CRM