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Responding to God’s call to serve...

Last July 21-23, 2022 The Adorno Fathers Formation House in Vinzons, Camarines Norte, held a triple celebration. The culminating of the 20th Anniversary of the Adorno Fathers’ presence and mission in the Philippines, The Solemn Professions of Religious vows, and the Ordination to the Sacred order of Deacons of Br. Michael Luneta Inovero, CRM and Br. Michael George Mercado, CRM.

The first day of the celebration started with a Eucharistic mobile procession, led by our very own Very Rev. Teodoro O. Kalaw, CRM the Superior General, who travelled all the way from Italy to join us for this historic occasion. Likewise joined by our very own, Rev. Fr. Jason S. Caganap, CRM, JCL, Superior of the US – Philippine Delegation. 

Among the attendees were from the international and local chapters, from the Adorno Fathers – 

  • Italy, Fr. Shino Naduthadathil, CRM, Procurator General and Fr. Giulio Capetola, CRM, 
  • The Adorno Fathers – India, Fr. Aneesh Koovalloor, CRM Superior Delegate of the Indo-German and Fr. Elgin Madickankal, CRM the assistant to the Superior of the Philosophy Seminary. 
  • Adorno Fathers - Lipa Community headed by the Local Superior, Rev. Fr. Michael Marotta, CRM, Rev. Fr. Emiliano Gutierrez, Jr. CRM formator of the Philosophy department in Marian Orchard, and Br. Hardey Aguilar, CRM, formator and Local Economo of the Theology house in Lipa, 
  • The Brothers and seminarians of the Holy trinity College Seminary in Labo, Camarines Norte, all the way to the Adorno Fathers Formation House, Vinzons. 

The Eucharistic celebration began after an hour of procession and presided by Rev. Fr. Jason Caganap, CRM, JCL, and Superior Delegate of the US – Philippine Delegation. 

The second day of the triduum mass, the feast day of St. Mary Magdalene, the date for the solemn profession of religious vows, was quite festive and it was even more beautiful due to the presence of so many guests. It was an honour to have the Bishop of Chalan Kanoa, His Excellency, Most Rev. Ryan Jimenez , D.D. as our main celebrant.

The celebration began at 9:00 AM. Bishop Jimenez, officiated the Solemn Profession of Br. Michael L. Inovero, CRM from San Rafael, Bulacan  and Br. Michael George, CRM from Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte.  The Very Rev. Teodoro O. Kalaw, CRM together with Rev. Fr. Jason Caganap, CRM, JCL received their solemn vows. Br. Michael and Br. George’s pledge for commitment to the Adorno Fathers were witnessed by his excellency, Bp. Jimenez, Very Rev. Fr. Teodoro O. Kalaw, Very Rev. Jason Caganap and Rev. Fr. Michael Marotta, CRM, the Local Superior of the Theology Formation House in Lipa Batangas. 

Bishop Jimenez’s homily focused on the three important things in his homily in responding to God’s call.

  1. First, in responding to God’s call to serve - he emphasizes one’s focus on his disposition, perseverance and mentions that it is something personal; a relationship between the God who calls. 
  2. Second, responding to God’s call is to love lavishly just like our Lord Jesus Christ nailed on the cross and washed the feet of the disciples.
  3. Third, he reminded us to be mindful of the presence of the Holy Spirit – allowing the spirit to move in our vocation and ministries. Bp. Jimenez stressed also on this point “to allow God to be God and recognize His grace. “

The Bishop of Chalan Kanoa mentioned that it is God who is continually persevering and reaching out. “To love God is to give it all.” The quality of love that Mary Magdalene showed to the Risen Lord, the perseverance and the relationship with Jesus, that she truly gave it all, thus the perfume and washing of the feet, and by being faithful until Jesus was put on the cross. What a great example of loving lavishly just like Jesus nailed on the cross and washed the feet of the disciples.” His Excellency, added. On what Mary Magdalene presented to the Risen Lord, called her by name and replied rabboni which means “teacher”, hence, God truly gives us the fundamental identity in the Risen Christ.

Archbishop-Emeritus of Lipa, His Excellency, Bp. Ramon C. Argüelles with Bp. Rex Andrew Alarcon, Bishop of Daet and Bp. Ryan Jimenez, D.D. respectively, presided the Sacred ordination to the Diaconate on the third day of the celebration, the two newly Solemn professed Brothers, Br. Michael and Br. George  with the Adorno Fathers headed by our very own Superior General, Very Rev. Fr. Teodoro O. Kalaw, CRM, the Superiors of the Delegation and members of each respective community.  Together with the Archbishop-Emeritus were some priests from the Archdiocese of Lipa, namely, Rev. Fr. Oscar L. Andal, Parish Priest of the National shrine of St. Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas, Batangas and Rev. Fr. Glenn P. Cantos, Parish Priest of the Mary Mediatrix of all Grace, Antipolo Del Norte, Lipa City, Batangas. 

During the first part of the Mass, Bishop Alarcon greeted the Archbishop-Emeritus with heartfelt appreciation and welcome. 

Archbishop-Emeritus Argüelles’ homily concentrated on important things that emphasized the occasion and even reminded the ordinandi in their future ministries.  

First, that diaconate is important not only to those who are permanent deacons thus important from the very beginning. 

Second, diaconia or the diaconate is the work of service. His excellency added that it is important for the Order (CRM).

Third, the diaconate is an act of humility. The Archbishop-emeritus also narrated when Very Rev. Fr. Ted told him about the 4th vow of not seeking ecclesiastical dignities inside and outside the Order.

Fourth, diaconate is important not in the temporariness, not a preparation, but a way of life. And you perfect as you go higher. Servus Servorum Dei.  

Fifth, His excellency quoted St. Louis de Montfort, with his words “to be a slave of the Blessed Mother.” He contrasted being a slave of the Blessed Mother and of God from being a slave of the human language. To be a - Servus Dei ;  to serve God and not to be oppressors. 

Sixth, Jesus as a servant suffered a lot. He became exalted because of His servitude; His humility. Humbled himself, became human being and suffered death, even death on a cross! “Here I am Lord. I come to do your will”- His servitude brought Him to the heights of God, by Observing and surrendering on God’s will thus, the slaves and those who follow Him, became free of oppression. If we lose this, it will be lost, become like those who are oppressed and will be a failure, for when it is lost we are no longer portraying the image of Christ, we portray the enemy of Christ, the Anti-Christ. 

Seventh, the name “Michael” means “a mighty warrior” just as the two of you, Brothers. Serviam - I will always serve and St. Michael is humble enough to serve God.

Eighth, when you go higher, keep the humility. Always remember the fourth vow, because the greatest attribute is the humility of Christ, for God has chosen us for His purpose not ours, he has chosen us and become a suffering servant.

Lastly, the importance of the prayer in the beginning of this Mass enables us to be effective and become humble servant of God. Being effective is to be constant in prayer and has the humility of a servant. As the words of Mary in Nazareth “Be it done to me according to your word”. Now, the challenge is to say it and stand until the foot of the cross together with our Blessed Mother. By bringing the Word of God and function as Deacons in the ministry for months or years to come, say “I come to do your will.” And as our mother says “Be it done to me according to your will and plan.” May God’s will be done and not ours.  For the Greater Glory of the Rising Christ!

*Credits to MR. ROMMEL BUENAFLOR for the pictures (Media Officer- Diocese of Chalan Kanoa, Saipan)